The GOMAC is a worldwide competition open to any student enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate course at a higher education institution. Student teams, in conjunction with an industry client, compete to create, run, optimize and report on digital marketing campaigns that include Google Ads and any other digital advertising platform/channel.

GOMAC - Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design - North Metropolitan TAFE

Congratulations to all North Metro TAFE students who participated in the GOMAC (Perth, Australia)

“The GOMAC is an excellent learning opportunity that takes places in the context of the real market. Students are able to put their knowledge into practice and measure the results of their actions.”Professor Paulo Silva, School of Education of Viseu (Portugal)

“The GOMAC challenge helped me to realize how much I like Marketing and want to pursue a career in it.” Maha AlAjlan (Saudi Arabia)

“The GOMAC was such a great experience through and through. For students who want hands on experience in the Google Ads interface prior to graduating, this challenge was definitely a godsend. The professors were helpful and all information needed was always provided. Thanks for the opportunity.”Daniella Odesa (Canada)

“GOMAC was a great experience. We were able to help a local business, gain valuable skills for our future Career and had a lot of fun working in a team.” – Anika Morf (Germany)

“The experience was amazing.” Gonçalo Ginestal (Portugal)

“The real-life experience in dealing with clients, the analytical skills we acquired to slice and dice huge amounts of data, and the strategic perspectives to make business decisions, made the entire experience so much better. I was actually accepted into Columbia Business School for my MSc. in Marketing Science by talking about my experience in GOMAC and relating it to the field. GOMAC is a contributing factor to why I’ve actually grown to love the digital marketing space and have decided to pursue it as a continuation of my education and hopefully transgress into a full-time job next year.” Neha Mubeen (India)

“The GOMA Challenge is a great opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a fast-moving market.” Kristina Robbert (Germany)