2020 GOMAC Finalists

(Full results will be announced September 30th)


ESG UQAMCanadaHarold BoeckOussama BouharkatNicolas  GendronJoane Hazou
Fanshawe CollegeCanadaLiz GrayBianca MatosKelsey NewnhamChristopher Liddy
Fanshawe CollegeCanadaLiz GrayGustavo Pettinato LucioEkaterina Olegovna SeliverstovaNicolas HerreraSergio Ramos Martins
Fanshawe CollegeCanadaLiz GraySonam WalmikiChioma Bernice UdeoguJosephine Aiteobhor
FLAME UniversityIndiaRohit TiwariAnjali B  ShahRiya  ChakrabortyNidhi AhireYukti Agarwal
FLAME UniversityIndiaRohit TiwariEdward D’souzaNamitha RavindranSoumya BiradarShreya MohtaIshanika Sehgal
Kaunas University of TechnologyLithuaniaElena Vitkauskaitė and Eglė VaičiukynaitėEivydas BlackusDaila  SabaliauskaitėŽygimantas NaujokaitisMantas PetraitisDeividas Viljukevič
* Finalists are presented in alphabetical order

Rankings used in the 2020 GOMAC:

  • Nominee: Teams that demonstrated a very strong understanding of digital marketing by developing a solid campaign and its supporting documentation.
  • Semi-Finalists: Teams that demonstrated superior understanding of digital marketing, developed and documented very high quality campaigns. GOMAC regions were determined based on the number of submissions. Neighbouring countries with fewer submissions were grouped together. All Semi-Finalists demonstrated the same overall level of proficiency even though they are classified in separate regions.
  • Finalists: Teams that demonstrated overall excellence in the field of digital marketing. All Finalists demonstrated the same overall level of proficiency even though they are classified in separate regions.
  • Regional Winners: Although all Finalists demonstrated outstanding campaigns, only one team in each region can be declared the Regional Winner.
  • Global Winner: Out of the several nominated teams and outstanding marketing campaigns, the Judging Panel identified that this team designed, executed and presented the best overall digital marketing campaign in 2020.

The 2020 GOMAC edition

2020 brought on some exceptional challenges as the COVID-19 pandemic caught us all off guard. Student teams that managed online campaigns during the second half of the season found it particularly difficult to complete their marketing campaigns in time. Exceptional times called for exceptional measures and the 2020 GOMAC Organizing Committee agreed to extend deadlines. Despite the extension, many clients resigned from the challenge, their student teams had a hard time finishing their projects, and unfortunately many did not submit their reports. The good news is that those who did submit reports presented some very good campaigns. In all, 28 digital marketing professors from Angola, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, Nigeria, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the United States registered 83 student teams (324 students).

The Judging Process

A panel of international judges evaluated teams from outside of their own geographic region. Professors that supervised a Regional Winner did not participate in the 2020 GOMAC Final Judging Panel and, if part of the GOMAC Committee, were removed from further discussions and decisions regarding the judging process. Professors from every GOMAC region participated in the selection for the Global Winner. The GOMAC Final Judging Panel proceeded with a secret ballot vote that was then revalidated by each judge independently. The judging process was supervised by Professor Wojciech Czart, and further validated by Professor Harold Boeck. The entire process and results were then certified as authentic by the GOMAC Committee.

A team was ranked as Semi-Finalist or Finalist based on the quality of their campaign and reports rather than by a cut-off based on a predetermined number of teams per rank. Regions can therefore have a different number of Semi-Finalists and Finalists. Having a team reach the rank of Semi-Finalist or Finalist was not influenced by the performance of other competing student teams. These top teams demonstrated a superior understanding of digital marketing and developed and documented very high quality campaigns.

Each top Finalist within each region was then identified as the Regional Winner. The Global Winner was selected among the Regional Winners by the GOMAC Final Judging Panel who also evaluated runner-ups when Global Winner contenders when scores were tied. The 2020 GOMAC Organizing Committee would like to remind participants that it is essential that they follow the Challenge guidelines set out under the terms and conditions to be eligible for judging.

The 2020 GOMAC Judging Panel, comprising of 22 digital marketing specialists from around the world, judged the students’ digital marketing campaigns based on each teams’ Pre- and Post-Campaign decks and Google Data Studio reports. The Winners were then identified by a 16-judge panel. We would like to thank the following 2020 GOMAC Judging Panel for supporting the 2020 GOMAC Organizing Committee in the judging process:

University participants:

The 2020 GOMAC Organizing Committee

The 2020 GOMAC was governed by the Global Online Marketing Academics (GOMA) which comprises Academics from around the world who have extensive experience in digital marketing education. The 2020 GOMAC Organizing Committee included: