GOMAC Registration

Registration to the GOMAC must be within the time window defined in the Timeline. Before you begin registration, please carefully read  the instructions below and check the other sections of the GOMAC Website.

Professors and Student Team Captains will need a Google account in order to register, access the Professor Dashboard and the Student Dashboard, as well as to access other Google and GOMAC resources.   Your Google account can be a non-Gmail email address. If you do not have a Google Account, please refer to the Google account creation page. After registration the Professor Dashboard and Student Dashboard will be used to update or submit additional data.


  • To update the Dashboard,  first sign in to the same Google Account used when registering.
  • Expect emails from the GOMAC Organizing Committee Team. Please check your email ‘spam’ folder, as some email software may flag our emails as spam.
  • Student teams should not start the Challenge until their team is verified by the GOMAC Organizing Committee.
  • Each student can only register under one professor who has been verified and approved by the GOMAC Organizing Committee.
  • There is no limit to the number of Professors that can register from the same university.
  • There is no limit to the number of teams each professor can supervise.

To take part in the Global Online Marketing Academic Challenge (GOMAC), please carry out the following steps:

1. Professor Registration

Supervising professors have to register  and get verified by the GOMAC Organizing Committee as currently affiliated/employed by a recognized Higher Education Institution. When completing the Professor registration form, professors will need to provide their email address within their university domain (“Professor’s Authentication Email”), which will be used for verification and approval purposes.

  1. Professors register by completing the “Professor Registration Data” section in the form linked below.  
  2. The GOMAC Organizing Committee will then approve the request within a maximum of five business days.
  3. When approved, professors will receive a “GOMAC Professor Approval Notification” email containing instructions for the next steps. The email will be sent to the “Professor’s Authentication Email”. Please check your email ‘spam’ folder if you have not received the instructions in time.
  4. For Student Team Registration to begin, professors must:
    • be approved by the GOMAC Organizing Committee
    • For security and verification purposes!: provide Student Team Captains with the “Professor’s Authentication Email” which professors’ submitted to the Professor Dashboard. Student Team Captains have to provide this email into Student Dashboard to complete their registration process.
    • enter their Student Team Captains’ Google account emails (Gmail or any other Google Domain email) in the “Team Captain Information” section of the Professor Dashboard.
      For security and verification purposes!: these Google emails must be exactly the same as those that the Team Captains register into the Student Dashboard as the “Team Captain’s Google Email”. We will send to these Google emails the “GOMAC Student Team Registration Invitation” email.

IMPORTANT: After registration, Professors will receive a “GOMAC Google Email Verification” email with a Google Email verification code. The email will be sent to the Google Emails submitted in the Professor Dashboard. Professors  submit this verification code into “Google Email Verification code” field in the “VERIFICATION DATA” section of their Professor Dashboard. If you have not received your “Google Email Verification code”, please contact us.

2. Student Team Registration

  1. Professors must submit their Student Teams “Captains’ Google Emails” in their Professor Dashboard. This can be done during the Professor Registration process or after.
  2. Within a maximum of five business days after their professor submits the “Captains’ Google Emails”, the Student Team Captains will receive a “GOMAC Student Team Registration Invitation” email with a direct link to the Student Dashboard form for registration (please save the direct link to the Student Dashboard form. You will need it to submit your GOMAC team data).
  3. To register their Student Team members, Team Captains must fill in the “Other Team Members Data” section in the Student Dashboard form. For verification purposes, Team Captains must submit the “Professor’s Authentication Email” and their “Captain’s Google Email” and the emails must be exactly identical with the “Professor’s Authentication Email” and the “Captain’s Google Email” submitted by the Professor to register to the GOMAC (ask your Professor to verify them).
  4. Team Captains: please have your client’s CID (i.e. the Google Ads account number)  when you register otherwise you will not be able to complete the process.

Professor Registration