Judging process

General description:

Participating GOMAC  Professors nominate only their best teams to proceed to the next GOMAC judging round. Out of these Nominees, the GOMAC Judging Panel identifies the Semi-Finalists. These top teams demonstrate a superior understanding of digital marketing and develop and document very high quality campaigns. Then the Judging process identifies Finalists, and within each GOMAC Region the Regional Winners. The Global Winner is selected from the Regional Winners during the final judging phase.

A team is ranked as Semi-Finalist or Finalist based on their marketing campaign’s performance rather than by a predetermined number of teams per rank. Regions can therefore have a different number of Semi-Finalists and Finalists.

Except the Global Winner selection, teams are evaluated by a panel of international judges located outside the team’s geographic region. Professors that supervised a Regional Winner do not participate in selecting the Global Winner.

Honorable Mentions

During the judging process, the judging committee may select a few campaigns as having demonstrated excellence in regards to a specific digital marketing characteristic.


  1. Students upload their Pre-campaign decks at least 1 day before the start of their campaign (start date based on the date impressions begin). There will be no written report rather Pre-campaign decks with a maximum of 15 slides.
  2. Students execute their campaign (up to a maximum of 4 months in duration).
  3. Students must link their Google Ads account with Google Data Studio for reporting purposes.
  4. Students upload their post-campaign deck (up to a maximum of 20 slides) not later than the final deadline stated in the Timeline section on the GOMAC website. 

For details about writing the GOMAC reports refer to Writing Campaign Reports.


  1. Team number per professor: There is no team limit per professor in the GOMAC, but a rule on how many teams a professor can enter the GOMAC judging process. Professors first judge their own teams and then nominate their best team(s) to participate in subsequent GOMAC judging rounds.
  2. For each nominated team in the judging rounds, the professor must be part of a judging committee. e.g. If a professor nominates two teams, she/he will participate in two judging committees, if three teams – in three judging committees, etc. (please see “Team numbers per judging committee” below)

GOMA (Global Online Marketing Academics)

  1. GOMA will eliminate teams that do not meet minimum requirements before judging begins.
  2. GOMA will group campaigns per country & region to approximately 10 teams per judging committee.


  1. Team numbers per judging committee: Each judging committee will evaluate approximately 10 teams based on the official judging rubric. Professors will not evaluate teams that do not meet minimum requirements and can discard them from the evaluation process.


  1. The GOMA organizing committee might decide to hold a second round of judging for regions with many participants.


  1. Professors will be solicited for an additional judging round if necessary.


  1. GOMA will announce the REGIONAL winners.
  2. GOMA will identify the final judging committee and exclude professors with teams in the final judging.
  3. The final judging committee may require finalist teams to run an open source script in their Google Ads account to extract detailed reports. These reports will  verify that teams have not performed activities contrary to the philosophy of the Challenge (which would warrant elimination).
  4. Final judging committee identifies the GLOBAL winner.
  5. GOMA announces the GLOBAL winner.

**** The GOMA organizing committee reserves the right to modify the judging process as well as any other process at any point based on the number of participating teams and/or unforeseen events or considerations that might arise during the Challenge ****