Each year we send out a survey to see how we can improve the GOMAC and each year you provide us with useful feedback. Just in case you haven’t noticed all the recent modifications on our website for this year’s edition, the 2021 GOMAC Organizing Committee would like to highlight some of the most important changes.

The most important changes to the 2021 GOMAC:

Minimum campaign duration removed : The minimum duration for campaigns has been removed all together although the GOMAC organizing committee encourages teams to run their campaigns for 3-4 weeks.

Maximum duration of campaign changed: The maximum duration of eligible campaigns has been extended to 4 months.

Number of slides in the pre and post campaign reports: Now there is no minimum number of slides for either the pre or post campaign reports. The maximum number of slides for the pre-campaign report has changed to 15. The maximum number of slides for the post-campaign report remains at 20.

Grading rubric: Since the inception of the GOMAC the grading rubric used by the judges’ panel has always been available to students. It has now been added to the Judging process and the Writing Campaign Reports pages to make it even more accessible. We encourage students who wish to perform favourably in the Challenge to review it when developing their campaign reports.

Good luck to all teams! We hope you enjoy your learning experience this year!